Which do we want? Mob Rule, or the Rule of Law?

Seems like an easy question, right? We all want the Rule of Law.

But…what if the Rule of Law requires things we don’t like? Like giving the Devil the benefit of the doubt?

In the moment, our emotions could override our better judgment and compel us to demand the head of a man who shot a fleeing felon in self-defense when the felon turned to tase him with a stolen taser.

In the moment, our emotions could dispel nuances from our minds and accept that “all whites are racist,” ready to punish those who try to remind us of those nuances.

In the moment, our emoutions could drive us to kneel to a mob or to become part of it.

In the moment, our emotions could prevent us from having the courage to stand against the mob, regardless of the consequences.

And in those moments, we have, by our actions, chosen Mob Rule instead of the Rule of Law.

Which do we want? The answer to that question is easy.

Which do we choose? It depends on our actions and our inaction.

Let us be aware of our emotions; let us refuse to act based on them. If we do not do so, we will either kneel to the mob or become part of it. And at that point, we are feeding the mob. We are tearing down the laws that protect us.

And when the mob turns on us, we will have nothing to protect us.

Thus, if we do so, the mob will still destroy us, since mobs will always destroy their own.

Let us choose with our minds, rather than our emotions, for if we do, I believe we will always choose the Rule of Law.