I recently watched the video here. And it hurts. Especially her plea, “We need somebody to do something about this!”

I wish I could directly do something, but I can’t. I am only one person. Yes, I am running a campaign against a Senator who does not seem to care that people are losing jobs.

But I can only do so much.

Nevertheless, I know who will solve this and all other problems: Jesus Christ.

When He comes again, He will solve all of our problems. He will do that by helping us to solve them ourselves.

  • He will give us His perfect Law of Justice and Mercy.
  • He will teach us how to live to be happy.
  • He will teach us how to recognize good leaders in order to elect them.
  • He will rule as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. No king or lord will be allowed to serve themselves.
  • He will ensure that proper Justice is meted out.
  • He will teach us the Law of Consecration, His Law of Economics, which will eliminate poverty and all of the ills that follow it.

So we must wait for Him to come.

But why doesn’t He come now?

The truth is that He cannot help people who don’t want His help. He cannot come to help us if we are not seeking Him and His help.

So we must prepare for His Second Coming.