Governor Cox:

I wrote a letter to you on March 25. Obviously, you did not listen because now I find myself writing to you about comments you made about power on April 15.

When asked by a citizen about reining in your power, you said,

Power is on loan from the Legislature during emergencies because they can’t respond as quickly.

Perfectly on point and correct. But then you said this:

We don’t support reining in executive powers — especially on health and safety issues.

Excuse me?

You don’t support reining in executive powers? Powers that you admit are on loan?

I don’t know of any clearer indicator that you are drunk on power. That is scary because you have only been in office a few months!

In short, you have shown that we, the citizens (not subjects!), cannot trust you with power, especially executive power.

I originally began running against Senator Mike Lee because he supported a bill that would attempt to kill encryption. However, I feel safe abandoning that because so many others directly work to defend that. That feels like a fight I can safely abandon.

But I cannot abandon Utah to you. Your power tripping is dangerous, especially at this time when the Federal Government is encroaching on our rights. The Governor of Utah should be the first line of defense for residents of Utah against such encroachments. Instead, you are enhancing them.

You are dangerous to Utah, and during this past election, I could easily see that you were.

So how did you get into office? You got into office by using a political party, a tool that President George Washington said should never be used. It’s easy to see why: both parties are just protection rackets for their members, a fact that is easy to see by the fact that the first thing you did when you thought you gained that power: you tried to flex your executive muscles.

That is enough for me to want you out.

And by the way, I emphsized thought because your powers are always on loan, but not from the Legislature. They are on loan from the people. We are your masters, not the other way around.

To remind you of that, I am running against you in four years.

I am declaring my candidacy for Governor of Utah in 2024, if I can find a running mate.

I’ll see you on the campaign trail.

Gavin Howard

Resident of Utah

PS: This letter is posted to my campaign website at this link, just so you know. My first letter is posted to that website as well.