Assumed Audience: Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and anyone curious.

Epistemic Status: Confident. And depressed.

It’s late, and I should be going to bed.

But I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep because the world is slipping into chaos.

I can’t stop it, and I know it. I can only give a vision of what can be.

I am reading a story right now; I will not give details because the medium, location, and contents do not matter.

What does matter are the tropes.

It’s a typical story of a poor girl being raised up by a rich guy. Or several. Sort of.

It’s also about how her life sucks except for the friends she has.

And beneath it all is a witch of a woman who schemes to get exactly what she wants by taking advantage of everyone around her, including her husband and son.

As I read this story, I watch this shrew ruin everyone to gain just a little more.

The poor girl is exposed to “high” life and its conniving. It is terrible, and she wants nothing of it, but she is tricked into it by the shrew.

The shrew’s son is manipulated into thinking his father only cares about the business, but the father does actually care about him too.

The father’s love child is convinced that he is a burden when he is plenty capable. She even sets things up to send him to jail.

And the father is manipulated to keep things her way.

It turns my stomach.

Yet it is no different from real life.

That is the way of “high society.”

What a blasphemous term: “high society.”

It’s the lowest part of society, filled with liars, robbers, and butchers. It’s made up of people who would sell their mother into slavery if it benefited them.

“High society.”

You know, the real high society is God’s society. And what is God’s society?

It’s a pyramid, like all societies, but every level is different.

At the bottom is the individual, free as much as possible to act for himself.

Above that is the family, built on a foundation of charity, fidelity, loyalty, and honorable marriage between a man and a woman.

And above that is a civilization built on God’s Law.

There is no substitute for God’s Law to make high society.

People have tried to do without God’s Law. They have tried all sorts of social contracts, from supposed utopias, to the enforcement of terrible tyranny on unwilling subjects.

The closest to God’s high society was the Constitution of the United States, which was flawed from the beginning, remains flawed now, and will eventually die, as all social contracts have.

But despite how much people despise it, God’s Law is the only way to build a good society.

What are the fruits of such society?

they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.

Moses 7:18

Can you imagine? No poor?

The girl in this story would not have faced imminent destruction from poverty.

People of one heart and mind are at peace with one another; they will not manipulate each other.

And righteousness. No crime. Everyone would be safe. No walking home in the dark with all senses alert. No need for snake oil “security.” No scammers, no spammers, no slammers.

I want to live in that society. That’s why I’ve written about it and about how to prepare for it.

God’s society, Zion, is a wonderful place.

It is His ultimate ambition for us.

It has happened twice, that I know of: the City of Enoch, and the Nephites after the Savior came to the Americas.

But most people don’t know that it almost happened a third time.

When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, Jehovah wanted to turn them into a Zion society.

And yet, it never came to pass. What happened?

The golden calf.

It may seem small to us, but most people don’t know that the “worship” of pagan gods in those days usually involved breaking the Law of Chastity, probably in wild and disgusting ways.

So, when Moses came down from the Mount, with the higher law in hand, and saw the debauchery, he suddenly realized why Jehovah said He would destroy them and make a nation from Moses.

And thus it was, when the sons of Levi showed their zeal, they were the ones given the authority to conduct God’s Holy Temple.

God tried to make His people a Zion people, but they refused.

And in so doing, they brought a curse on themselves, their children, and their descendants, for generations to this day.

If they had only listened and obeyed, they might have never gone hungry; never fought in war; never suffered pillaging, ravaging, burning; never experienced tyranny or oppression; never lived without liberty; never stood in fear or knelt in subjugation; never stumbled in addiction; never endured the break up of families or the loss of friends; never languish in betrayal; never understood evil; never saw catastrophe; never witnessed injustice.

For if we are not subject unto God and His just Law, we will be subject to man and his twisted laws.

Yet men refuse God’s Law, preferring instead the muck of sin and vice over the purity of righteousness and virtue.

This is why Zion is God’s ultimate ambition: in such a wonderful place, our progress can never be halted by “bad luck,” manipulation, nepotism, meddling, or anything else. No man can dig a pit for another.

How I long for Zion! How I wish I could show you the vision that I see, of beautiful, quiet streets, of fathers coming home and being present for their children, of every child knowing his father and his mother, of women walking fearlessly, of equality, of peace, of happiness and joy, of riches.

For yes, Zion is always the richest society, and since no one is richer than another, all are rich.

There is nothing that could ever be better for anyone! Even for the rich and powerful in our society; in Zion, there would be no Sword of Damocles, there would never be someone smarter, or more clever, to take your place and power.

In Zion, every man would have a place, and in such a place, would find riches and meaningful work.

And yet, man refuses God’s Law.

So the vision I see remains only that, until the time comes that we are actually willing to live the Law.

How long must we suffer from disobedience?