Assumed Audience: Anyone curious.

Epistemic Status: It’s an opinion piece; confidence doesn’t matter.

The original MythBusters series was known for big booms.

Most fans of the series might have favorite booms, and most of those might choose the cement truck explosion. And most of the others would probably choose some other standard ones.

But my two favorites are none of that.

The first is thermite and ice.

Now, thermite doesn’t usually explode; it usually just melts cars.

So when an Internet video dropped that appeared to show thermite exploding because it was on ice, even an expert was skeptical.

And then, it exploded!

The formerly skeptical expert said, “I am a believer!”

My most favorite, though, comes from an even crazier place: a mail episode.

The best way to experience it is to watch the original:

And those are my favorite MythBuster booms: the ones that never should have happened.