No More Skittles

Skittles went woke. I went away.

I Have Split My Blog

People were demanding I split my blog between personal and professional posts. I did so, and this is why.

Do Not Join Utah Highway Patrol

I've seen ads for joining Utah Highway Patrol. Don't do it.

Let Me Cure Your Impostor Syndrome

A fun and lighthearted post about just how incompetent I am.

Rust Is Dead to Me

I used to think Rust was okay, just fun for me. Turns out that I would not be welcome in any Rust event.

Grounded for Life: Losing the Dream of Flight

I have been grounded for life by the FAA for a history of mental illness. In this post, I explain why they were right and why I would still have been safe, as well as attempt to get closure from losing a dream.